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Once the candidate is selected, he receives by email a nomination letter as PCYA-AF (COPAJE-AF) Coordinator. He then has the following responsibilities:

  • Set up an Administrative Committee composed of 5 members (Ref Document on the attributions of the Board). The list of the members of its Administrative Committee, the copies of their identity cards and their CVs must be sent to the Executive Board within 3 months of its nomination.
  • Request the legal recognition of the antenna from the competent authorities of their country. Within one month of the establishment of the Administrative Committee, the coordinator must send to the Executive Office the registration number of the application for legal recognition submitted to the authorities of their country.
  • Animate and coordinate the antenna
  • Report to the hierarchy
  • Collaborate with other antennas
  • Respect and ensure the respect of our texts, our values and the unity of our common organization PCYA-AF (COPAJE-AF)