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Do you want to contribute to the dream of a fraternal, peaceful and prosperous Africa?
Do you want to develop your leadership skills?
Do you want to make positive progress around you?

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you are a young african leader or an aspirant to leadership, with the sense of responsibility, able to open and animate a local antenna (branch) of PCYA-AF (COPAJE-AF) in your country, town, village, university or educational establishment.
  • Even if in your country there are several antennas of PCYA-AF (COPAJE-AF), you can open another autonomous antenna.
  • PCYA-AF (COPAJE-AF) works with committed young people, dynamic, honest and concerned with the development of their talents as leaders who freely and voluntarily decide to represent themselves in order to bring positive progress in their countries.
  • You can choose to open a PCYA-AF (COPAJE-AF) antenna in your city, village, school or academic institution. After having proved your worth, you will be able to apply for PCYA-AF (COPAJE-AF)'s representation at the provincial, national or international level.
  • Each branch is autonomous. It has the duty to seek for a legal recognition from the public authorities of its country. Some branches may choose to work under the tutelage of another PCYA-AF (COPAJE-AF) antenna having obtained legal recognition.
  • Each branch is responsible and free in the choice of its initiatives and in its administrative and financial management by respecting our statutes and internal regulations.
  • We want each antenna to be autonomous while respecting organizational hierarchy and collaborating with other PCYA-AF (COPAJE-AF) representations under the international coordination of the Executive Board. This allows young people to take responsibility, seek for solutions, develop their leadership and their entrepreneurial skills, take charge of themselves and contribute to the positive progress of society.
  • PCYA-AF (COPAJE-AF) provides to each representation the necessary advices for the good functioning and the documents of self-training and training on the associative management, the looking for funding, entrepreneurship, the leadership, etc. Thus they can work on their own projects, self-finance them and solicit funding from other institutions or generous sponsors.
  • Each local branch organizes free internal training for the individual development of its members. But it can also organize training for other young leaders of the other organizations through participation fees.
  • Each local branch is financially self-supporting and sets up its strategies for financing its projects. No antenna is financially supported by the Executive Board.
  • In the same locality, it is possible to have several autonomous antennas.
  • The Executive Board (E.B.) coordinates the national and local branches, guides, advises and encourages them but leaves them the autonomy and the freedom to act. The EB also watches over the respect of our values and our fundamental texts. Members and associative leaders of PCYA-AF (COPAJE-AF) do not receive any salary or financial compensation. Their expenses incurred on behalf of the association may be refunded if this has been done with the agreement of the administrative committee of the antenna concerned and it has in its department the means to make the refund.
  • In the context of carrying out a project requiring professional skills, the organization can recruit and pay the professionals among the members or outside the association. Their recruitment and their salary must meet the requirements of the labor law. The duration of their contract can not go beyond the period of the realization of the project.