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PCYA-AF (COPAJE-AF) is an International Non-Governmental Organization with apolitical, non-religious, humanitarian, educational and socio-cultural character that offers to the African youth a space of expression, action and innovation in order to bring changes and positive progress in their countries.


Created in Brazzaville in 2007 at the initiative of a 28 years old Rwandan young, Anicet BURANGA, the Promotional Council for Youth Action in Africa is an apolitical, non-religious, non-profit organization, and humanitarian, educational and socio-cultural.

It was created to enable youth to make positive change and progress in Africa. Determined to promote the integration of social responsibility, the promotion of fundamental human values, entrepreneurship and the development of leadership skills of young Africans, today PCYA-AF is present in several African countries. From everywhere, young Africans join PCYA-AF to represent the organization in their countries, cities, towns, villages, universities, schools. The youth of PCYA-AF are organizing, taking initiatives, initiating and leading actions to contribute effectively to the construction of African society as a real citizen force.